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The Mason City Fire Department currently has seven in-service ambulances to serve the citizens of north central Iowa.   Ambulances are not merely rides to the Emergency Room.  They are actually mini intensive care units on wheels!!  From oxygen to EKG machines that communicate directly with Mercy  Medical Center North Iowa, they are designed to provide advanced pre-hospital care directly to patients.

Mason CIty's newest ambulance arrived in April 2010


2408 was welcomed into Fire Headquarters on April 26, 2010.  This ambulances has bold reflective striping on the rear for greater safety of the fire fighters, patients and the public at large.  The refining of these mobile intensive care units was continued with changes in the design of 2408 from 2407 which was purchased just a year earlier.  During the break-in period, new ambulances are always used for long-distance transfers to placed like Mayo and University of Iowa Hospitals.  However, 2408 will be on the front line until 2411 has completed its break in period. After that, 2408 will join 2407 in doing inter-hospital transfers for citizens in north Iowa.


2407 can be spotted from a distance with its distinctive striping on the back

2407 was the Department's first ambulance designed with the latest in technological advances to keep the patient and the fire fighters in the back safe.  After providing ambulance services for over four years, the fire fighters had lots of suggestions on how to better design the Department's ambulances.  2407 was a front line response ambulance since the spring of 2009 to 2012.  2407's distinctive reflective striping on the back makes sure that it's seen at night on streets and roadways.2401 Rushing to respond to a 9-1-1 Call Now it spends its days doing long haul transports of patients between hospitals in north Iowa and Iowa City, Rochester and Des Moines. Although 2407 has only been a "member" of the Department since 2009, she already has over 100,000 miles under her belt.


2401 was the first new ambulance purchased by the Fire Department and put in service shortly after it first began providing ambulance services in 2004.  It was on the front line of service for years before 2407 and 2408 were purchased.  Along with its sister rig (2402 which was retired September 2013), it responded to over 15,000 calls (12,000 in the City) through August 2009. It is still regularly used and currently has over 200,000 miles!!!  Although it has dones its share of working on the front line, it is still running strong and not slated to be replaced until somewhere around 2015 at least!!!


2403 was also purchased new and put into service right away.  While it (and her sister rig 2404 retired in 2012) never had the number of calls of 2401 and 2402 (only about 6,000 combined), these ambulances were the long haulers of the fleet -- responsible for most of the long distance inter-hospital transfers between Mason City, Rochester or Iowa City -- until 2012.  Since 2004,m 2403 has almost 200,000 miles logged on behalf of patients from north central Iowa.  This ambulance fills in when any of the other ambulances need service or repairs, so you might still see 2403 running around town.




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