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FAQs - Ambulance

What areas does Mason City Fire Department provide ambulance service?

The Mason City Fire Department provides ambulance services to most of Cerro Gordo County (except Clear Lake and Ventura and surrounding area), as well as the east half of Worth County and Nora Springs in Floyd County.

Does the Mason City Fire Department accept Medicare, Medicaid or Title 19 payments for service?

The Mason City Fire Department will gladly file with all commercial insurances. It is an authorized provider for Medicare, Iowa Medicaid and Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Mason City Fire Department is dedicated to providing quality emergency ambulance services to all persons regardless of social or economical status. However, the Mason City Fire Department cannot negotiate its rates with individuals. In addition, the Fire Department does not have the ability to provide charity services.

Will the Fire Department respond to my medical emergency if I live outside their service territory and I call and request them?

The Mason City Fire Department will send an ambulance only until it can contact the ambulance provider for your area and verify that they are responding and that no assistance is needed. If the ambulance service that serves your area is able to respond, the Mason City Fire Department will not be able to provide ambulance services to you. The Fire Department has agreements with most surrounding area ambulance services. In the event that the ambulance service that serves your area cannot respond, that ambulance service may request a unit from the Mason City Fire Department. . Likewise, in the event that the Mason City Fire Department could not respond because its ambulances are busy elsewhere, we can request an ambulance from another service to respond.

Why does a fire engine show up when I call 911 and need an ambulance?

On most 911 emergency ambulance calls throughout Iowa, two or more emergency vehicles respond. When those calls are within Mason City limits, it just seems more noticeable that two vehicles are responding.  Two emergency vehicles (or an ambulance a fire engine) respond for many reasons. The additional fire fighters and paramedics responding on the fire engine can assist the ambulance crew on scene. This is the case for possible heart attacks or people having breathing problems. The fire engines carry much of the same equipment as the ambulances and one of them may be closer at that time. Ambulances usually only have two fire fighters on board. During an emergency, both of them are busy with the patient, radio and advising Mercy Medical Center's emergency room of the patient and his/her needs. Extra fire fighters on the scene can assist with family questions, neighbors, etc. allowing the two ambulance fire fighters to provide focused and quality care to the patient.

If I have a question about my ambulance bill who do I contact?

The Mason City Fire Department has transitioned to an outside billing company for ambulance services. Questions on ambulance billings for services prior to July 19, 2014 can be directed to Clerk Jo Beck. She can be reached at (641) 421-4357 or toll-free outside of Mason City at 1 (877) 421-2399. If your ambulance service was after July 18, 2014, please call PCC, the City's contractor for ambulance billing. They can be reached toll-free at 1 (877) 882-9911. Anyone in an emergency needing an ambulance should call 9-1-1. Only the Clerk can be reached at the 421-4357 and toll-free number (877-421-2399). Anyone wishing to contact the Fire Department, should call (641) 421-3640. Citizens can also stop by Fire Headquarters Monday through Friday to talk about their ambulance billing. However, you are encouraged to call first to assure that Jo Beck is in quarters. Payments can be made in person at City Hall (10 1st St NW) with the Utility cashiers located on the 1st Floor. The Fire Department accepts MasterCard and Visa, both in person and over the phone. Phone credit card payments should be made to City Hall at (641) 424-7110. Messages left on the ambulance billing phone numbers after hours are secured and you should feel free to leave a detailed message. Written questions can also be directed to Jo and mailed to the Fire Headquarters at 350 5th St SW, Mason City, IA 50401-3822.

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