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Engines and More

1914 - Fire Horses in Fire ShedThe Mason City Fire Department used leg power to haul hoses on wheeled carts pulled by volunteers from fire to fire.  In 1895, the Department finally had some horse power -- Tom and Jerry was the most famous of the various teams of horses "employed" by the City to get its equipment wherever it was needed.  Today, fire engines, aerial trucks and other specialized equipment are all state-of-the-art (or at least were when they were purchased by the Department) and are required to be available to do a lot of different tasks, just like the fire fighters.  The Department's newest piece of fire apparatus is the 2008 Ford F550XL Super Duty Crew cab Fire Squad 1 (2331).  This custom ordered squad has everything that the fire fighters have been wishing for since 1995. 


Front Line Work Horse - Engine 5 - 2315The big work horse of the Fire Department is its newest engine, the 2007 Pierce Quantum 2,000 gallon pumper -- Engine 5 (2315).  2315 has been in service about 2½ years and has logged more than 2,000 hours of engine time handling almost 4,300 calls.  Before 2315 came into the Station, the front line engine was Engine 1 (2311) a 1998 Pierce Quantum 1,500 gallon pumper.  Although 2311 takes it a little bit easier these days, she still has logged over 6,000 hours working for the City.


Currently, the Fire Department only has one aerial ladder truck - Truck 1 (2321).  This 1997 Pierce Quantum 105 foot1997 Aerial - 105 Feet aerial ladder truck was the first fire apparatus ordered again in "fire engine red".  In the early 1970s (1972 in fact), the Department changed its official color to yellow -- which was in line with the prevailing thinking of high visibility colors during that time.  The Department currently still has 4 pieces of fire apparatus that are in the high visibility yellow - Squad 2 (1994 Chevrolet - 2332), Engine 2 (1990 Smeal Spartan pumper), Engine 3 (1983 Smeal Challenger - 2313) and the Department's oldest apparatus -- Engine 4 (1978 Pierce Fire Marshall - 2314).



Engine 1 - Lots of Hours and Still Running!












2311 - Engine 1 (1998)

2331 - Squad 1 (2008)


2312 - The Last Yellow Engine 2313 - Engine 3 2314 - The Old Lady of the House

2312 - The Last Yellow Engine

2313 - Engine 3

2314 - The Old Lady of the Station   

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