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Fire Hydrants
Can you find the hydrant in this picture?

The City of Mason City has 1221 fire hydrants located throughout the City.  As you can imagine, it would take every City employee working a couple of days after every storm to dig out all of these fire hydrants.  Fire hydrants need to have a 3 foot clearance to ensure the Fire Department can make a quick connection to water.  The hydrants themselves and this 3-foot clearance area is actually City property.  Anyone in the neighborhood is free to keep their hydrant clear, even if it’s not on their property.  However, if you are hesitant to clear the hydrant on someone else’s property, be assured that the fire fighters will be happy to clear out the hydrants whenever they might need them to fight a fire at your house.  However, time spent just finding a hydrant and then clearing a winter’s worth of frozen ice and snow from around it will, of course, take valuable resources and time away from actually fighting and extinguishing a fire. Fire Marshal Mark Christiansen encourages all residents to know the location of the closest hydrant to their home and to make sure that it is always accessible.  The Mason City Fire Department hopes everyone in a neighborhood will cooperate in keeping hydrants clear.  Anyone with any questions should call the Mason City Fire Department at 641.421.3640.


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