Asbury Park

Asbury Park

Where is Asbury Park? 

3.9 acres

Asbury Park was gifted to the City in 1956 and additional land was traded with the IDOT in the early 1980s when the Taylor Bridge was replaced. 

Asbury Park Amenities:

benches, charcoal grills, fishing, open space, picnic tables, trails

Asbury Park is located on the east edge of town on Highway 122, and contains 2.66 acres of relaxing parkland. The park is set along the Winnebago River and provides, fishing and total relaxation. This is a great place to bring a chair or sit by a picnic table and ready your favorite book and enjoy the aesthetics of nature. The park is also a great place for wildlife and bird watching. The multipurpose trail to North Iowa Area Community College can be accessed at this park and is a spectacular 2.15 mile trail with three creek crossings. The trail follows Ideal Creek to the college and ends by winding along the shores of the manmade ponds on the college campus. In the evenings you can eye deer and water fowl. The park was established in 1956.