Common Misconceptions about Alternate Side Parking


  • Myth - Alternate side parking is only in effect when the plows are out or when there is a measurable amount of snow. Fact - Alternate side parking is in effect 24 hours a day when designated by the City Administrator. The City Administrator can also terminate the designation at his discretion.


  • Myth - I wasn't notified or didn't see the press release that alternate side parking was in effect. Therefore I cannot be at fault. Fact - There are several ways citizens can learn the status of the Alternate Side Parking Ordinance or the Emergency Snow Route designation.

    *Local media outlets

    *The City’s website at

    *Facebook posts (CityOfMasonCity)

    *Twitter feeds (masoncityiowa)

    *24 hour telephone recording system (641) 424-7188


  • Myth - People can park all day on the odd side for all odd numbered days and all day on the even side on all even numbered days. Fact - The changeover period is between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. so after 7:00 p.m., vehicles must be parked on the appropriate side of the street depending on whether the next day is an even or odd numbered day. This is important when months ending on the 31st are followed by a second consecutive odd numbered day.


  • Myth - People can park on both sides of the street anywhere near the main entrance of a business at any time. Fact - People may park on the one side adjacent the main entrance (front door) of a business during normal business hours only. This parking exception ends when the normal business hours end. The parking exemption is within 100' of main business door on the one side adjacent (closest to).